Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cyberpunk: Neuromancer -- ends with a whimper

     The real meat of this book is toward the beginning: the tone he sets, the dark world he describes, the Raymond Chandler language, cyberspace, superintelligent AIs.  As for the rest, it is, I suppose, original for its time(? Bladerunner came out just before this novel, one also thinks of movies like Tron), but not that interesting these days; and the characters are flat, very flat, but the beginning is so good that it makes up for the rest.  Eventually Wintermute wins and merges with Neuromancer, creating a more complete intelligence.  We know that Wintermute affects that outside world and Neuromancer is the personality.  The new AI is also apparently in contact with another AI from Alpha Centauri -- maybe they'll get a room.

Next time I will take on Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.
I will alternate these posts with a chapter-by-chapter look at Simon Blackburn's Truth: A Guide.

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