Sunday, November 20, 2011

Waiting for Godot -- 'Reading Godot' by Lois Gordon, entry 2

"The power of Waiting for Godot derives from its exposure of the emotional life in counterpoint to the existential condition -- Beckett's revelation of the unconscious feelings that accompany the quest for salvation in a world bereft of meaning. Godot's much-repeated 'Let's go.(they do not move)' epitomizes not just the tension of individual action in a meaningless world; it also demonstrates the limits of the will set against the contraining and deterministic forces of a controlling psyche."(pg. 70-71)

Existentialism without the freedom.   She asserts the influence of Freudianism on Beckett all the way down to the set design, props, the direction the characters walk and how they move about on the stage:
"It is as though Beckett were weaving into his existential landscape a map of the unconscious world, again, either as it functions simultaneously with rational thinking or is transformed into a dreamscape...Each object, word, and movement ultimately becomes an emblem of the psychological, not just the philosophical, reality of waiting."(pg.74)

The above quotation throws the gauntlet down; I want her to pony up examples of the depth psychology in the midst of the philosophical condition of waiting -- I can hardly wait!

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