Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Death of My Father, The Omega Point and the Explanatory Gap

     The explanatory gap can be used by those who wish to be 'idealists', in the sense that the ultimate course of the universe is actually guided by a mental goal.  If physicalism has problems, then spiritualists rejoice.  The problem with the kind of evolution Chardin and others describe is that it is goal directed.  Evolution, even mental evolution, is guided by local challenges, not universals.  Now, this can be seen as a metaphysical point, but it is actually based on what we know about adaptation.  Any universal goal is something we make up later.  Evolution is messy and undirected.

     It may be that a life of increasing conscousness is the most fulfilling, but that doesn't mean that evolution is leading to that kind of life.  It is plain wishful thinking.  Besides, I'm beginning to find a peaceful but pointless life pretty enjoyable.  The existentialists admonish us that we must find our own meaning, but now I don't even know what meaning is and I don't even think I care anymore.

     So, I don't think our world is evolving toward some ultimate form of infinite consciousness.  This is a misreading of evolution.  We are not put on this planet to learn something.  What's the point of learning anything anyway? 

     As I reflect on my remaining years, I don't see a life dedicated to some grand purpose.  It is not a life with which my father would agree, but it is the only life I find possible.

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