Thursday, March 8, 2012

About the Russell Video

Bertrand Russell was a hero of mine many years ago, and occasionally I find him so again.  He says in the video that there are two things he has to say to future generations, one intellectual, one moral.

For the intellectual piece he says we should make philosophical decisions based SOLELY on the facts, and not on any other consideration.  I can hear the snickering of the postmoderns.  But let me remind you that if you see the failure of metanarratives as a 'fact', and you make philosophical decisions based on that you are following Russell's advice. So, haha.  If you think that the failure of metanarratives means that you should make decisions based on the social effects of beliefs since there are no facts to draw on, you are still basing THAT decision on a fact(the failure of metanarratives), even though it appears you are violating his remarks. SO, haha. Really, though, you nihilists who are PC are just doing it to fit in with some crowd, which is perfectly logical given your nihilism, so you're still in line with Russell, so haha. 

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