Saturday, March 3, 2012

Derek Parfit -- Goad for more responses

     I was happy to see that one of my posts, Derek Parfit -- Final Entry, elicited a response.  I want more responses.  So, I am going to gratuitously goad this person or persons for more responses.  I think the entire project of normative ethics, to find any kind of reasons for morality in a philosophically defensible way, is doomed to abject failure.  Parfit is clearly VERY well qualified to talk at length on these issues, and at times in the reading I did of him I found his combination of Kantian, Utilitarian, etc... thought interesting, see some of my earlier posts about him if you don't believe me, I think his over all arguments fail.  I would have been more engaged with his writing if at any time I felt he was really winning a fight with subjectivism/relativism etc...  IF YOU THINK HE IS WINNINGTHE ARGUMENT, PLEASE HELP ME.  I am, if he is right, living in darkness....

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